Save fuel costs by using Signal CS’s intelligent GPS devices and software.

Does your fleet have an improved work process, optimized logistics and solid advertisement planning, but is still neck to neck with the competition?

Then it’s time to take the next step and control fuel consumption.

The main purpose of fuel management is cost efficiencies. Today, each vehicle has an electronic interface that measures fuel consumption, speed, location, etc. With our system you can go close to this data and this may bring your drivers to a diesel consumption-reducing driving.
In this way you can reduce the average fuel consumption of your vehicles by up to 25% and this is, considering today’s fuel prices, a small fortune!

Signal CS offers fuel management & monitoring solution for customers who wish to keep track of fuel refilling, Fuel theft and fuel consumption of their fleets. Our fuel level sensor works with our GPS tracking device to send live fuel monitoring data to our server. So that You can do real time monitoring of fuel volume and fleet tracking.
With increasing fuel costs, tracking fuel data is becoming a critical component of any cost saving exercise. Our solution is inexpensive, and customers typically get a return on their investment within few months. Signal CS Fuel Management System offers the most comprehensive solution on the market for knowing exactly how much fuel you have and where it is getting consumed. From complete fuel accountability to total reconciliation and protection against fuel theft, we keep you and your assets secure.